ralphRalph was an ex-colleague at Holden. He had 27 years experience in the Australian auto industry with 15 years with Holden in the CAD and Advanced Engineering Group. Ralph joined Ivan in Oct 2015 and worked onsite at Geely Technical Centre for three months.

In terms of his decision of leaving Australia and work in China, he said “The obstacle would have been the fear of working outside of my comfort zone. However, I enjoy the thought of a challenge, as sometimes you surprise yourself in what you can achieve”

What he learned in China was “Seeing how different and diverse the automotive industry is in China really opened my eyes to the challenges that a lot of people face, and that we do not have here in Australia. I found the Chinese are genuinely keen to learn from the foreign experts, and apply this to improve upon the tasks they faced every day at work.”

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In terms of his experience, what he found enjoyalbe was ” I enjoyed the camaraderie among the expats as they too have embarked on a similar journey, and all that I have met are only too willing to help out and show you the ropes.”

Would he recommend his experience to others? ” I would highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to work in China, to do so, as this experience will stay with you for a lifetime. While it may be quite difficult and a challenge at times, dealing with the cultural differences and work practices, then being able to find answers, makes the assignment very rewarding.”