kim NguyenKim Nguyen, Kim has over 20 years’ experience in the Australian vehicle certification, worked as Vehicle certification specialist at Holden (18 years), Ford (1 year), Mitsubishi (3 years) and Nissan (3 years). Representing as Licensee for Holden, HSV, OPEL, ISUZU, SAAB, GM, GM Brazil, Korea, Mexico and South Korea in the Australian Certification system. He completed Red Lion’s first certification project. read here


Ivan Viduka, Ivan had over 20 years experience in vehicle system design and integration, has worked for global OEMs including Tickford, later Prodrive and Ford Australia. Ivan also lived and worked in Thailand and other Asean countries for shorter periods. See Ivan’s exprience in China… read more


Ralph Braun He had 27 years experience in the Australian auto industry with 15 years with Holden in the CAD and Advanced Engineering Group. Ralph joined Ivan in Oct 2015 and worked onsite at Geely Technical Centre for three months…read more

dong bainianDr Dong is an ex-Holden colleague and an expert in Thermal and CFD analysis field. Dong now lives in Singapore and visits Melbourne a couple times a year. Dong works part time in the building industry there and now adds short term contract work in China to his portfolio work… read more