What we have available 

We have medium to long term (6 to 12 months assignment) oppotunities available, medium term contract works can give you a serious exposure in China through an Australian Company. This arrangement has two benefits; one is for you amd the other benifit is for the Chinese employer.

The medium term benifits you by answering that question “can I make an overseas assignment work for me and my family?”.  You can find the answer with a medium term assignment so you can work overseas without the hefty financial and psychological cost of moving to another country. At the end of the assignment, you may choose to go on to a longer term in China or go back to Australia.

The short term is for you if you’re semi-retired and looking for a short stint every now and then in China (with a duration of two weeks) which we can also organise for you.

Since Nov 2016, you can make enquiries for latest opportunities in China by contact Wen Shan, APAC Business Developement Manager at Bayside via wshan@baysidepersonnel.com.au, or 0467818774.

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