with engineers at eibcDr Dong is an ex-Holden colleague and an expert in Thermal and CFD analysis field. Dong now lives in Singapore and visits Melbourne a couple times a year. Dong works part time in the building industry there and now adds short term contract work in China to his portfolio work.

In late June as an engineering consultant Dong spent two weeks in China working for the Department of Aerodynamics, CATARC, and China Automotive Technology & Research Centre. The schedule was hefty, in two weeks, Dr Dong visited five tech centres: Geely Motor in Hangzhou, Geely design studio in Shanghai, JAC in Hefei, BAIC Motor in Beijing and South East Motor in Fuzhou.

His time at Geely in Hangzhou was the highlight, not only he helped to resolve technical issues of CFD, he also had a successful session with Geely’s design studio in Shanghai. His said “I reckon it was my experience of many years at Holden that prepared me long before this trip. From this trip I found that the CAE engineers in the Chinese automotive business are pretty young, most of them in their 20’s and early 30’s. They have energy and passion and are eager to learn but they don’t have enough experience. Consequently they are not so confident technically and lack problem solving skills and communication skills. I think this what our experienced Aussie engineers can offer to them.”geely

For him personally, “This trip was an enrichment for myself as well, I learned about some of aspects of the modern China which I didn’t know before. I suggest if you happen to have an opportunity to work in China, go ahead and make full use of it”

And He expressed his appreciation to Red Lion “Finally many thanks to Red Lion for making this trip possible and successful, I really appreciate your help”.