AIBS China pictureAccording to Australia’s International Business Survey 2016 (AIBS 2016), China now is the most important market for Australian exporters across 19 sectors. At the same time, China is rated more difficult to do business with by 70% of the businesses surveyed. So, how can we improve in doing business in China?
Drawing from our experiences, we will start a series of workshops on “Doing business in China” to assist other SMEs from October 2016.

In October the first session is “Business development in China”. This will target business owners, marketing and business development managers intending to expand to China market. In November we will have a second session called “business survival for professionals”. This suits individuals intending to work in China or a role involved in serving Chinese customers. It will explore business practise and cross cultural exchange tools. Both workshops are two hours long and will be presented at the Eastern Innovation Centre in Mulgrave. We also will consider to have workshops in the City if there is enough interest.

Event detail:
Oct 21st, Friday, 10am to 12pm. Business development in China, Click here

Business survival in China

*image is the cover page of the AIBS 2016 China report