• Product or model certification
  • Negotiation and resolution with DOTARS on all approval issues
  • Representing as key contact between design engineers in ADR/ECE and interpretations
  • Assist in associated matters related to certification, compliance, registration with all States and Territories in Australia
  • Preparation for Vehicle imports
  • SUTI inspection ( Single Uniform Type Inspection)
  • Audit on modified vehicle to RAWs/SEVs

Consultant: Mr Kim Nguyen

  • Kim has over 20 years’ experience in the Australian vehicle certification, worked as Vehicle certification specialist at Holden (18 years), Ford (1 year), Mitsubishi (3 years) and Nissan (3 years). Representing as Licensee for Holden, HSV, OPEL, ISUZU, SAAB, GM, GM Brazil, Korea, Mexico and South Korea in the Australian Certification systemkim Nguyen