IMG_2734The BYD/Carbridge Electric bus was the first import service project we took on, and we were very fortunate to work on a significant project for EV in this country. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Kerrie Mather of Sydney Airport stated at the official launch of the bus fleet at Aug 31st“We’re proud to be the first Australian airport to introduce electric buses to our Parking and Ground Transport operations, which will reduce our carbon footprint and enhance the passenger experience”

From our side, we started work in January this year. Kim Nguyen joined the project from the beginning. He is an ex-Holden colleague with many years’ experience in certification. Kim left Holden in Dec 2014, but still intending to continue contributing and keep his auto skills sharp. This was the first certification project he completed with Red Lion. I have recently asked him about his experience.

Overall, “the vehicle import and certification would no doubt related to 3 points CCT skills. This would be Communication, Coordinate and Timing. Once you have your goal well defined and supported by team members, everything will operate like clockwork.”

“Looking back to what we have done to achieve approval I am proud to say that I am still sharp, capable to manage and deliver the approval within limited timing. I am pleased to overturn the noise and brake tests saving the company money and time. This is effort only comes from work experiences and worst case consolidation.” You can hear the words of a proud professional.

I have also asked our client, project manager Johan Olyslagers for his feedback. Johan was the project manager for the whole project. However, he did not have much experience in the Certification part. So he was heavily reliant on Red Lion’s advice for the best viable solution.

Quoting Johan’s words: “Red Lion Engineering have a profound knowledge of the licensing process of vehicles and their advice was always spot on. Their initiative and ability to problem solve were invaluable to the success of the project, along with the relationships they have throughout the industry and authorizing bodies, which undoubtedly contributed to the expedience of the approval.”

Congratulations to a project with a significant outcome, happy client and fulfilled employee. We will endeavour to deliver more such successful projects in the future.

Red Lion Engineering is a Melbourne based engineering Service Company, providing professional engineering services to global Auto OEMs, primarily in China and other Asian regions. It is the vision of RLE to tender for projects by Chinese automotive companies and developing the advanced design, intellectual property and innovation for these projects in Melbourne, Australia.